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Arctic Monkeys - Your Favourite Worst Nightmare

Monday, 9 April 2007

Its here.. two weeks before it's official release date, the album has made it's way onto the internet.

Far be it from me to upload it, or indeed for me to divulge the location of the torrent, but if you want it, it's out there clocking in at about 46Mb.

Go for it, its rocking.


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Monday, April 09, 2007


Sign Of The Times - Dimitar Berbatov

Thursday, 15 March 2007

If anyone had the fortune to be watching Spurs v Braga, they will have seen the sublime genius of a certain Dimitar Berbatov.

Every decent play, counter attack and all 3 goals came through him -- the first, an extremely classy touch with the outside of his right boot after a peach of a through ball from Keane, looked the easiest of the 3 goals. However, that finish cannot be underestimated, keeping a cool head in such a moment is what great strikers are made of -- he could quite easily have done a Cissé and employed that 20 shot power and 10 shot accuracy and blasted it somewhere in the direction of the goal.

The second goal was divine, it looked incredible, and again the supply ball was equally as important as the finish itself. Aside from the own-goal, Huddlestone's contribution last night was fantastic. He was at the back defending, and bringing the ball through the midfield and scattering passes to the wings. The free kick leading to Berbatov's second was taken quickly with enough backspin on it to allow Berbatov the moment to chest it, and this time, blast it on the half volley. The technique he demonstrated with that finish was up there with Drogba's best performances this season.

Finally, the chipped through ball for Malbranque to score the winner was another moment where Berbatov made it look so easy, yet that touch was perfect. It's all too easy to fluff that sort of 1-2, as Steed's initial pass was moving with a fair amount of pace in such a confined space, requiring Berbatov to act quickly and decisively. He didn't disappoint.

We are witnessing a man in rich vein of form, he has scored 19 in all competitions this season, a considerable return when you take into account that it's his first season in the Premiership, and that he intially struggled with injuries. Following that, Martin Jol's striker rotation policy (seen much more in the beginning of the season where Spurs were struggling to find goal scoring form) has seen Berbatov make 33 starts, Defoe make 26, Keane make 22 and Mido make 11. Between the 4 of them, they have contributed a total of 52 goals, Berbatov's contribution has been nothing short of essential towards this (he has made 12 assists, and had 60 shots on target).

In Dimitar, Spurs have acquired a gem. His contribution to the squad is phenomenal, and his capture from Leverkusen for just shy of £11 million must seem like a bargain. Could he be a sign of things to come from Tottenham, or another flash in the pan? Only time will tell, but at 26 he isn't going anywhere soon.

Click here for highlights of last night's game (Tottenham 3 - 2 Braga)

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Petrol bombs & barricades
Anything to have our say
Consequence of no choice at all
Empires rise & empires fall

Now it's time to flip some coins
And it's time to turn some tables
(Cos if we have the vision I know that we are able)

Suck on my words for a while, choke in the truth of a million dead
There is no prestige in your title, we are after your head
The destruction of everything is the beginning of something new
Your new wold is on fire and soon you'll be (too)

Sabotage will set us free
Throw a rock in the machine
Sabotage will set us free
Throw a rock in the machine
Throw a rock in the machine
Throw a rock in the machine

Refused - The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax (mp3)

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Finally, new Biffy.

Monday, 5 March 2007

After an extended rant regarding Biffy and their new single, I was in the store this morning at about 8.30am and purchased myself a copy of Saturday Superhouse.

I was particularly excited about the b-side, as these are what really keep you going whilst waiting for an album.

For your enjoyment, I'm linking to Scared Lots Of Everything -- equally as poppy, and that's not a bad thing.

Scared Of Lots Of Everything (mp3)

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Monday, March 05, 2007


A Weekend In The City

I ventured into west London this weekend and finally sampled the delights of the apparently cosmopolitan Portobello Market.

Normally when exploring any avenue of commercial overpriced and popularised London you encounter such a variety of cultures and languages, however, the variation of languages I remember hearing in Portobello was extraordinary.

Granted, the majority of them were tourists, however it still serves as a fantastic example as to what degree London has become an "international" city.

On the other hand, Portobello market is nothing short of a commercial tourist trap for visitors who watched Notting Hill and want to visit a part of romanticised London. Everything is expensive, the congestion is ridiculous and the number of tourists is infuriating. The bargains and soul of the market aren't a patch on Spitelfield's, and even to an extent, that of Camden Lock.

Although I confess, I liked it. And I may go there again, if anything for the Portuguese cafés and the overall friendly atmosphere, certainly goes a long way to relieving the depression of living in South London..

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Monday, March 05, 2007



Friday, 2 March 2007

It has been quite a while since Biffy Clyro last released anything (other than the download only quick-buck single "semi-mental" at Christmas, a song which has been in existence for well over a year, and has been floating around the internet since about January 2006), and that time is finally starting to grate.

You won't ever understand the ins and outs and/or the workings of the music industry, but one thing is certain, Biffy have had record label issues. This quandary resulted in their signature on a different contract with 14th Floor Records (home to Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne amongst others) -- a subsidiary of Warner. Initially I met this news with nothing short of sheer excitement and smiling at the prospect of a new Biffy album finally on the cards.

How I was wrong.

The new Biffy album is complete, of that there is no doubt. Zane Lowe admitted as much when he interviewed them earlier in February during their Maida Vale session. From a band who used to release an album a year, with a sing-song writer who "shits out a song every five minutes" (according to James), this hasn't quite hit the "disappointing" mark, but it's nearing that.
Why are we left with no choice but to wait until May for the release of Puzzle? In the meantime, I've paid for the download of semi-mental (a track with enough DRM to prevent me listening to it on my mp3 player), I've seen the band live, and there seems to be a weekly interview with them in some publication, together with daily rotation on Radio 1 of their forthcoming single; Saturday Superhouse.

Anyone would think that this would be good news, surely it's a sign of a band on the rise, a band who are coming into their own and are finally in a position of power. To me, I don't see it that way. Saturday Superhouse is a staggered release, i.e. it is being released as a download only single (with the same DRM no doubt), and then a few days later we see the release of the actual physical version. Why couldn't they do it all at once? This seems like a method of acquiring more cash, kids are likely to purchase it as soon as it becomes available, and then buy the single for that extra b-side. Biffy fans are pretty hardcore after all.

This is accompanied by the ability to download a live version of Saturday Superhouse recorded at a live venue near you. The idea is that you can download the live version of the song from any date on the Kerrang Tour, presumably the one you attended. Why? And why should you pay for it?

By the end of this, there will be a download-only single, a physical single, the various vinyl singles and the live singles.. all of the same track -- a track which although is excellent, is not the Biffy of old. This is clearly a money making enterprise on the part of the label, and it heralds a new age for Biffy, one where they will undoubtedly scale new heights of success, but at what cost?

My loyalty to the band is unquestionable, I've been a fan from the start, but it seems that the fans are losing out here and being treated as individuals from whom the record label can obtain more money.

Rant over.

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Friday, March 02, 2007



Thursday, 1 March 2007

I'm not too sure what brought this about, it could be from harbouring too many thoughts about football that I need to write down all the other things I should perhaps be thinking about. Certainly a good way to kill half an hour. Choosing that template was the hardest decision I've had to make in the last 3 months.

I just watched Reuben's new DVD; What Happens In Aldershot Stays In Aldershot -- it was excellent. It documents the life of an underground band in south england, and it really makes you appreciate that there are a lot of talented bands out there with artists trying to make a difference, and that for all your Kaiser Chiefs and your Razorlights, there are your Reubens and your Biffys.

Worth it.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


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